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Hello, my name is Eki. In 2010, when I was two and a half years old, I was left in Etxauri's kennel. My owners decided that it was not able to hunt any more, just as the owners of many of the dogs that I found there.

Hi, this is Eki.

I thought they would return to take me back home soon. But I ended up spending 2 years and a half from my life in the kennel. 912 days imprisoned in a cold and humid cell.

Little by little our forces were reducing for the sadness and loneliness we felt. We were merely abandoned, disoriented and defenseless dogs. Our weak barks got lost in the darkness of every night.

Not all of us survived. R.I.P.

Thanks to the Txikas de Etxauri, most of us are still alive.

One or two days a week, when they can, they bring us warm food, clean blankets, cookies. They take us so we can run a few minutes.

They clean our cells and do veterinary recognitions to us.

We know they speak to people, that they try to get us out of there continuously. We notice that they love us and do not forget us. We know it and owe our lives to them.

Txikas de Etxauri always have been there

For better or worse, the night of January 15th, in 2013, marked a before and an after for all of us that were imprisoned.

During the previous days it rained very much and the river Arakil was at the edge of its overflow. We were distressed barking and presaging the worse thing, but the echo seemed to get lost again in that stormy night which tragically was already part of our destiny

The river overflowed and the water began to enter throughout. The kennel, placed at the middle, was sentenced. And with it, all of us, 130 abandoned dogs.


If that was not enough, the manager closed the door of the kennel.

At the limit, the destiny wanted to give us a second opportunity thanks to the Txikas de Etxauri.

As soon as they noticed about the situation, they collapsed the telephones and everybody began to spread the call.


In a few minutes, there was such an agglomeration of people, that they were forced to re-open the door of the kennel and allow people to get inside. They started to take us out in their arms.


Only a few died drowned; the majority of us remained alive and we were sent to different refuges or to canine residences.

The Txikas promised that none that lived that painful night in the kennel, had to come back ever again. And it has been this way.

A Second Chance

Thankfully, I ended up with Iosu. He adopted me, though he always says that I chose him with my look. Since then my life changed completely.

My first day on the beach

We train very much and practice several sports. Sometimes he makes me a bit crazy with so much sport, but I think we make a really good team.

I learned mushing as well...

Little by little, we started taking part in Canicross. We run joined by a rope and have to understand each other very well. He´s taught me to run in a team.


Last year Iosu took to me to the Alps, to participate in the "Trophée des Montagnes", which is celebrated in Oisans and this summer, it will be my second year.

Canicross, our favorite sport

Our challenge to support Txikas de Etxauri

But this summer, in August 2014, Iosu and I want to do this race to say thanks to the Txikas for their huge labor. We don´t forget their constant and unbreakable work. An immense gratitude that all of us, the dogs of Etxauri's kennel, feel about them.

Without them nothing of this would be happening to me and instead of running championships with the European's best dogs, I would be still huddled in my corner of the cell, waiting for my sad end.


This will be our challenge: 



Between 2nd and 10th of August, we will take part in the Trophée des Montagnes, a canicross event near by the French Alps, Oisans Area.

During 9 days we will run 10 stages with big slopes, between 4km and 9km. 

The event goes through Villas de Oz in Oiasans, Saint Colomban les Villards, Villard Reculas, Allemont, La Grave/ La Meije y Auris.

Every day will be a new adventure. The landscape and the orography will be spectacular. But the terrain and the accumulation of kilometers will make it very difficult.

Trophée des Montagnes

It is an international event and this year there will be participants from Russia and USA. But the majority will be French, Belgians, Spanish, Czechs and English.

The good environment will be the main characteristic. We will meet very popular and recognized participants. In this great "caravan" we will share a lot of experiences and anecdotes.


More info: 

Abandoned dogs are still valid. Do not forget us.

This challenge wans to support the pro development action “20 doggies” made and published by Txikas de Etxauri and that´s why we have linked it.

All the funds we reach at the end of the 40 days will go straight to carry out the Txikas Pro Development Action.

We encourage you guys to back it with little donations through bedatsy, so these kind of projects can get ahead.

With a small effort of many, we will achieve big things.


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Eki & Iosu

Eki & Iosu

Spanish: Me llamo Eki, en 2010, cuando tenía dos años y medio, fui abandonado en la perrera de Etxauri. Un día, mis dueños decidieron que ya no servía para cazar. English: Hello, my name is Eki. In 2010, when I was two ...
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