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Town of Runners for Bekoji, our solidary-cultural project for Bekoji, gathers on one hand the projection of the Documentary " Town of Runners " with a later colloquium of Biruk and Sentayehu, two of the protagonists and in the other hand, the organization of several events related to Athletics, Ethiopia and Motivation.

During the first week of November 2014, coinciding with the popular race Behobia - San Sebastian, several projections will take place in different cities of the Basque Country, with the intention of transmitting the spirit of overcoming of these young Ethiopian athletes to move forward through the running.

All funds raised trough the sale of tickets will be used to launch the village of Bekoji, cradle of numerous world record-holders, taking advantage of their experience in athletics as a reliable economic engine. For it, the first goal will be to rebuild the track so local athletes can train properly. Also, build a few wardrobes close to the track. At last, we want to send there a native English teacher, with multimedia resources, to help to open the range of their possibilities in Bekoji's development.

We will specify these goals with more details in the second Pro Development Action, which will be launched during following weeks.


This 86 min. documentary was shoot in Bekoji, a small rural community of Ethiopia, where running has already become a way of life. Especially since 2008, in the Olympics of Beijing 2008, where Tirunesh Dibaba and Kenenisa Bekele, two of the local athletes, got 4 golden medals. 

It constitutes a portrait of Ethiopian rural life where all young generation hopes, aspirations and frustrations are decisive to build a better future.

The movie is recorded in Oromo one of the official languages in Ethiopia and is also subtitled in Spanish.

Trailer: http://www.townofrunners.com

Training in Bekoji

Biruk and Sentayehu

Sentayehu Eshetu, the trainer, grew up in Harar region, East of Ethiopia, but he soon moved to Bekoji to teach in primary school.

Sentayehu Eshetu

Very soon, one of his pupils, Derartu Tulu, became the first African woman winning the Olympic gold medal in Barcelona 92. After this great success, Sentayehu began to develop daily trainings for the youngest in Bekoji, who wanted to follow the steps of the new Olympic champion.

He has trained the double Olympic champions Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba. Also Mestawot Tadesse, the Dibaba sisters: Tirunesh, Ejigayehu and Genzebe; Tariku Bekele and many others.

Sentayehu is affable and friendly but also know how to instill discipline and sacrifice to their pupils. Today he trains 200 young athletes from Bekoji and surroundings. 

Becoming a doctor or an athlete are Biruk Fikadu's aspirations. At the age of 17, he studies, trains hard and also works at his grandmother´ s kiosk. In spite of being an orphan, it is full of enthusiasm and dynamism.

Thanks to this documentary, Biruk had the opportunity to travel to United Kingdom and learn English, which has helped him to contact foreigners approaching to Bekoji.

Biruk Fikadu


You can find Bekoji 220 km away from Addis Ababa, Southwards, in the Oromia region, 2.810 meters above sea level. Everybody knows it as the " Runners village”.

Bekoji, Ethiopia.


We encourage you to do any of the Contributions presented in the right column. Depending on the amount chosen we will reward you with one or more tickets to attend the various screenings of the documentary scheduled for the first week of November and with a DVD.

All contributions have tax advantages in the form of reductions in both income tax and corporation tax. Deductions vary between 10% and 35% of the amount contributed. In order to the deductions automatically appear on your statement, it is imperative that you select the tab my data on the top of this page and fill in the fields First name, DNI / CIF and in the address field you may indicate at least your province of residence.

As well when it comes time to identify yourself to pick up the tickets and DVD-s, it will be enough to facilitate your DNI / CIF. Otherwise you will have to present at the ticket office of the event that you have chosen the email confirmation of the contribution made.

For the contributions that will give away you the appearance of your name on the end credits of the documentary, it will be necessary that you facilitate your full name, otherwise your nickname or username will appear. If you do not want your name to appear let us know by sending an email to the address listed below.

Visiting the Blog, Facebook and Twitter of Bedatsy and the web, Facebook and Twitter of Ethiopia Utopia Foundation we will keep you informed about additional collection points to pick up your gifts as well as extra activities we will organize during  these days.

If you have any questions or problems throughout the process do not hesitate to contact us in this email adress: info@bedatsy.com. We will be glad to help you.

Your contributions will make all of you part of  this project to encourage the development of Bekoji area through athletics.

Etiopia Utopía Foundation


We want to thank you for all your contributions, which are so important for Ethiopia Utopia Foundation to keep working in our development projects to benefit the poorest communities in Ethiopia. Without them we could not achieve our goals.

Also our sincere thanks to all those companies, organizations and individuals. From the first time we show them the problematic reality of Bekoji, they did not hesitate to support us from the beginning.

For all of them, our sincere thanks.




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