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Do my bit to help. One of my last trips took me last January to Ethiopia and… a trip to Africa leaves no one indifferent. So, when I came back to Europe, I started to think how to contribute in a small way to improve the hard-living conditions that nowadays they still have to confront in those latitudes.

Their constant struggle has encouraged me to try to do my best. The Effort, the Commitment, the Perseverance, the Determination and the Happiness that these people transmit are values that I share 100 % and that I will try to  follow for the rest of my life.



October 19th:  Amsterdam Marathon. Keeping all this in mind, I started training some weeks ago. Although the summer rigors are hard for long-distance runners, the determination for doing it right is also very big. The Marathon will take place next October 19th, in Amsterdam. 

Because a Marathon is a vital adventure condensed in 42 km. It is a question of bringing into play very diverse skills to obtain an end. The last kilometers always become hard because physiologically –it does not matter how much you train- we are not prepared to run uninterruptedly during so long. The physical shape is the key of success, but it works only when you complement it with a good Planning, Self-control, Emotional Intelligence, Patience, Perseverance, Sacrifice and Determination finally.




CONTRIBUTIONS. All contributions for my challenge will go entirely to the Pro Development Action: Town Of Runners.

So, once reached the symbolic 150 €, I will appreciate if you guys donate your contributions directly to this Pro Development Action. In this way, for every contribution you can get a ticket and a DVD. The Film will be displayed in Irun, Pamplona, Hondarribia and San Sebastian during the first week of November, when the popular race Behobia-San Sebastian takes place.

I encourage you guys to contribute with funds, to the extent possible, for this nice initiative.




New York´s Marathon, November 3rd, 2013.
Reaching the target, New York´s Marathon, November 3rd, 2013.
Berlin´s Marathon , September, 20th, 2009
Bekoji, Ethiopia: January 2014

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Contributions until 150€ that I will donate entirely to Town of Runners project.




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