Isabel Suppé's new book: Travels with Rocinante; in Quest of Lightness


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Now that I have just finished my new book, "Travels with Rocinante; in Quest of Lightness”, I publish the project in Bedatsy in order to raise enough funds to edit and design my new book.


Thanks to your collaboration, I hope to soon be able to start book tour x Spain and be able to thank all of you in person. If everything goes well, the tour will start on March 27, at the Clunia theatre in Burgos and it will lhave a duration of at least two weeks.

A pair of crutches, a bicycle, a continent and 30 dollars...

Unable to walk, with a devastating prognosis for my injured foot, I venture on a journey in quest of lightness. With my bicycle, Rocinante, and a pair of crutches as my only company, I cross the United States without a map and on a budget of exactly thirty dollars. While I dream of an experimental joint transplant surgery that could restore my ability to run and jump, my pain leads me to discover a multiple and fascinating continent.


I let myself be imbued by the landscapes and I encounter the most unlikely characters, from (former) drug-addicts to the Cat Man, passing from millionairs to UFO searchers and religious fanatics to an eccentric writer she meets in the middle of the desert.

Situated on a crossroad in between reality and fiction, Travels with Rocinante is at the same time a lucid and passionate reflection on the worlds that conform the United States and a lyric exploration of the writing of a journey.

Monterey Bay - New York

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In her first book Starry Night, Isabel Suppé tells her amazing story when in 2010, whilst climbing Ala Izquierda in Bolivia, with Peter Wiesenekker, Peter slipped, causing both climbers to fall 400 meters to the bottom of the face.


Against all odds, Isabel survived and spent two days and night dragging her-self severely injured to the other side of the glacier at more than 5000 meters above sea level. She was eventually rescued and had to undergo 10 highly complicated surgeries so as to achieve something seemingly impossible: saving her right foot.


For more information aout her first book Starry night:

and the interview with the writer: 

Ala izquierda del Condoriri (Red line is the fall line )
First female solo ascent Mount-Cachi with crutches

Gira de promoción: Viajes con Rocinante en España

On March 27, Isabel Suppé will present her new book at the XVIII Jornadas" Il mundo en bicicleta" ( Burgos ) and then she will continue with her book tour around Spain.

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Escritora, montañista, aventurera y sobreviviente // Isabel Suppé is a nomad of German origin and Argentine at heart. Los dos grandes amores de su vida son la literatura y las montañas. Antes de dedicarse exclusivamente a...
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