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Bedatsy comes to an agreement with “Milenio3 and “Ser Aventureros” to interview Isabel Suppé.

Luckily Isabel Suppé's spectacular life, reported in her two books " Starry Night " and " Travels with Rocinante; in Quest of Lightness ", has been perfectly described in Milenio 3 and Ser Aventureros radio programs.

Last weekend we have had the opportunity to listen to her in both programs. Bedatsy wants to thank especially to Javier Perez Campos and to Rebeca Revilla, their collaboration and interest for this project.


Milenio 3 interview, Spanish ( 1/2/15  from 2h:43min, 50s: 


Ser Aventureros interview, Spanish ( 31/01/15 ): from 7min:20. 

Isabel Suppé Isabel Suppé in Milenio 3


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