CYCLOTHERAPY: A stage in favor of Tximelagua´s project


About the project

Hi everyone!!

First of all, we´d like to say that we are really happy to help accomplishing Tximelagua´s Project and cycle a stage for them.

As you guys can see, the stage we´ll cycle around mid June in Nicaragua and our Financing goal of 10€, are both symbolic. What we really want is to give Tximelagua the opportunity to start the Financing Process so that they can achieve their goal. As for us, if these 10€ are overtaken (or equalized hehe…) they will go straight to them.


We encourage bike travellers from all over the world to make supportive stages like the one we´ll make and do their bit to help projects like this.



Evelin, Aitor and Iñigo make up Cyclotherapy, and this is, more or less, our story:

Beginnings. Cyclotherapy, our particular therapy against routine, was born back in February 4th 2009, when we first started cycling our “Iron Horses”. It consisted of cycling part of the Silk Route, the High roads of the Pamirs, the Karakorum and Himalaya- Indo Highways and the calm and sunny paths of Southeastern Asia.      

"CYCLOTHERAPY" was the consequence of the vital need of leaving a stifling world.

Giving time to time for things to happen. And that “dream” concretely consisted of living as nomads, pedaling across a new continent, meeting new and different cultures, villages, people, landscapes, …bit by bit, giving time to time for things to happen. With no rush or goal; always keeping a handy free-space in our panniers for memories of our family and friends that we were going to miss so much.

Iñigo Rumenige and Aitor Galdós started Cyclotherapy and from February 2009 until April 2010, we cycled through part of Asia, linking El Cairo with Bangkok.



Iñigo and Aitor- Kurdystan
Iñigo and Aitor Free-Camping.- Tajikistan
In the away Kyrgyzstan


From June 2010 until June 2011 Aitor continued cycling alone and reached Darwin, Australia.

Alaska- Ushuaia. Evelin, a wonderful Italian woman who was backpacking on her own, joined then “shaky” Cyclotherapy. Though she didn´t like the bicycle that much, bike travelling suited also perfectly in her dream of living a different life.

Together, Aitor and Evelin arrived to Tokyo and in November 2012, returned home to say hello to their families and friends, but… they stayed home only as long as Alaska was fully covered by snow. In May 2013 they started together the new American adventure: Alaska-Ushuaia.

Evelin- Alaska
Aitor and Evelin- Columbia Icefield

The cycling stage in favor of Tximelagua´s project

We knew about Tximelagua Association and its courteous Project through Bedatsy

You guys can go into their Project through the link in this site, above on the right-hand side, in green color. Today, they need to build an Access Ramp and a Security Wall for the disable children they assist and from here we want to collaborate with them.

We firmly believe that these kinds of initiatives are the ones that steer the world in the right direction. Let´s help these little steps.

More info:

Amaia and Naiara, Tximelagua

This cycling stage has been suggested by Tximelagua and, in the words of local center collaborator Edgard Rayo Rivas, it is as follows:

“The Tximelagua route is a 110km round trip from Matagalpa to La Dalia. Located in northern side of Nicaragua. It crosses its mountain ranges, so the land is rough with different grade slopes, definitely a big challenge for cyclists. The road is completely paved.

You will find bastions of pine and rain forests. Also the beautiful Tuma River and the coffee-growing farms where you can see their elaboration process from the very beginning”.

CYCLOTHERAPY, invites you all to follow our adventure through Bedatsy and our Blog in:

Hope you enjoy it !!! ; )

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Cyclotherapy: Evelin Heuschreck, Iñigo Rumenige eta Aitor Galdós. **BASQUE: Aitor, usadio zaharren eskalatzaile eusko-katalan-argentinarrak eta Iñigo, Gorbeia magaletan jaiotako "spinter venido a menos"ak, 2009-ko Ot...
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