What are FAQs ?

FAQs are the most frequently asked questions to the Bedatsy administration by users, in this case, the project creators.

It’s a changing section, in which the answers to the questions submitted will be posted.

Types of projects that can go to the Financing process


In general, the objective is to fund the expenses derived from: COMPETITIONS, EXPEDITIONS, ANY SPORTS EVENT or CHALLENGE

Bedatsy encourages athletes to promote a Pro Development Action through their challenge, but also allows its financing without promoting any PDA, since encouraging sport is part of our philosophy.

Those Sports Challenges who support a Pro Development Action will have a green banner on the top right of its cover photo and will have a direct link to them.

* No motorized components will be allowed for the Sports Challenges.

* The activity, difficulty level and location where it’ll take place will depend on the athlete and the characteristics of the challenge.

* They can be done as a team or individually.

If it’s a long-term challenge ( bike travelleres for example ), there will be different correlative financing processes available also by stages. We also welcome those who have already started their challenge and want to start the financing process.



They’re a set of planned activities by persons or entities, with a proved goal oriented to the conservation and improvement of the:

ENVIRONMENT, the ANIMAL WORLD, as well as of our NATURAL RESOURCES and, in general, the circumstances or SOCIAL CONDITIONS where we live.

When a Pro Development Action is complex and requires a big amount of funding, it will allowed to break it down into a number of simplified single-action plans, but with the same result in the end. Each of these actions will follow it's own specific financing process.



Bedatsy will also offer the possibility to access a financing process for a Documentary Project, as far as this one involves:


The format can be a documentary film, a photographic exhibition, a book, etc.  Copyrights will always be reserved.

Information to be provided about the Project

1.- A real and intelligible description of the Project, with definite goals. Text, pictures and videos can be used.

2.- La cantidad económica, objetivo de la financiación requerida.The amount of funding required.

3.- The input levels. The economic inputs the Project’s creator must choose and quantify, through which the cofinancing will be possible.

Their goal is to adapt to the different possibilities of persons and financing entities.

4.- All Documentary Projects and the Sports Challenges that don’t support a Pro Development Action will have to include non-monetary Rewards according to the Input Levels. 

For Pro Development Actions and their Sports Challenges promoters, these Rewards will be voluntary. 

Input Levels

Its completion is mandatory as a part of all Projects.

The Input Levels are economic inputs the Project’s creator must choose and quantify, through which the cofinancing will be possible.

Their goal is to adapt to the different possibilities of persons and financing entities.

The inputs can be done by credit card through Bedatsy’s gateway bank.


Their completion is mandatory for all Documentary Projects and Sports Challenges that do not sponsor any Pro Development Action, and optional for Pro Development Actions and their promoting Sports Challenges.

The rewards thank symbolically the support of the entities and persons. That is why they will not be monetary and will be according to the Input Levels.

The creator will be able to limit the amount of rewards for each Input Level.

The originality and quality of these rewards may influence the success of the financing that is why we recommend an efficient elaboration.

The costs of making these rewards and/or their shipping must be taken in account when preparing the economic amount required through financing. 

Project Review prior to publishing

Every Project will be reviewed by Bedatsy before publishing it to verify that all mandatory information has been completed, that there aren’t any inconsistencies, or undesired pictures, texts or videos. This way Bedatsy keeps the publishing rights.

During this review, Bedatsy will advise the Project creator to obtain the best results in his financing process once it’s published.

The review time will depend on the characteristics and the definition of the Project. In order to have as much coverage as possible, it is suggested to set the goals clear and simple.

Financing Process

Once they’re published, all Sports Challenges and Documentary Projects will have a 40 day period to obtain the required financing through different donations.

Once the Pro Development Actions have been reviewed, they’ll be published in a map called “The Initiatives’ Garden”, and will be part of the Pro Development Actions Stock.

To begin the financing process, the sportsmen will choose a PDA, become a promoter  and thus will start the financing process of the project as well as their challenges.  Both processes will be simultaneous but independent from each other.

During these 40 days, promoter sportsmen, the persons or entities who need financing, as well as the Projects creators will be able to explain, make aware and divulge their Projects through Bedatsy’s blog, social networks and media.

The involvement of sponsoring companies, environment or sport related businesses as well as public institutions or organizations related to the projects, can be the key to a successful financing. 

Financing Process results. All or nothing

Once the 40-day period has expired, never before, the financing process will end.

If the economic amount required for financing has been reached or surpassed through the different donations, the amounts corresponding to each person or financing entities will be collected and transferred to the Project’s creator.

These will be tagged as “Successfully Funded”.

If the economic amount required hasn’t been reached there will be no monetary transaction at all.

However, these projects will be able to go through new financing processes whenever the creator wants.

Profits, Taxes and Commissions

For the Successfully Funded cases, the monetary transactions will be defined in the following way:

1. -  5% of the total amount of financing obtained will be Bedatsy’s commission, which will be charged, with a bill, to the Project creator, for the services provided. *

2. - 0,9% of the total amount of financing obtained, will be the tax set by the gateway bank, in this case Banco Sabadell Guipuzcoano for the services provided.

3. - 94,1% of the total amount of financing obtained will be the profit the Project’s creator obtains from this process.

*The 5% doesn’t include VAT, nor transaction’s costs. 


In the Project.

During the financing process, no changes will be allowed concerning the economic amount required or the rewards already chosen.

The rest may be modified but always in coherence and prior notice to the sponsors. These updates remain open to re-issues, and will appear with an advertising notice under the cover photo.

If the project is cancelled during the financing process, the compromised donations of the sponsors will not carry through.

After the 40-day period no changes will be made to the Project, but the blog and map will still be available to keep updated the sponsors on how the Project is going.


Useres data.

Any user, Project Creator or Sponsor, will be able to change his username, his E-mail address, as well as his password and all private information he might have filled, such as address, phone number, etc.

The Project creator’s commitments and obligations


If the Project’s creator cancels his project after the finance is received, he will return each and every donation from his sponsors.

Otherwise their financial backers might take legal actions against them.

In the same way, once the finance is received, they will have to materialize the rewards (if they exist) to each sponsor at the determined date.



In Successfully Funded cases, the creator agrees to keep their sponsors updated on the location and the fulfillment of his Project. To do so, they will update the blog with posts or new entries and will fill up the map in the “Initiatives’ Garden”.

The creator commits to inform on the status of the rewards (if they exist), whenever a sponsor requires so. 

Project management tools

Bedatsy will provide a file or page that will be the display of his project, once it’s published.

First, the creator will edit it personal and privately. They will use text, photos or videos that they will structure as they please, to explain their Project and goals, the most efficiently as possible. They will also have a Google map where they can locate geographically the project that they are to accomplish.

He can fill up his personal or entity profile with some information and a profile picture to inform and get closer to his public.

During the financing process, the creator will have a Q&A section where they can interact with their followers and public in general, to answer possible doubts or questions. They will also have a personal blog to communicate any updates they might consider.

In the Successful Cases, as we’ve seen previously, each creator will keep a personal blog and map at Bedatsy so that they can keep updating his public about the accomplishment of their Project.

The project creator’s Blog and Map


Through the project’s blog updates, the creator will make society more participative. During the financing process, the creator can inform and expose more details on the project and spark interest or fascination in many of us on fields we never knew about.

In the Successfully Funded cases, all the blog entries posted by the creators on their profiles will also appear on the Project Blogs section. In this section, during the realization of each project, the creator will be able to justify to their public, the financing of their project, capture the project’s goals, show some of the most relevant aspects, teach and raise awareness through their own example.

All blog entries can be re-published. 



While editing the project, the creator can locate his project, tagging it on a map. If the project involves an itinerary, they can tag each stage or checkpoints. A line will be drawn automatically between each point, illustrating the accomplished itinerary. This way there will be a more global perspective, more easily traceable.

During the accomplishment of the project, the creator also has the opportunity to demonstrate they are following the planned route, locating successively on the map the blog entries.

Bedatsy will understand if the locations are not exact but for guidance, either to preserve areas or natural resources, or because of necessary flexibility and adaptability in projects with an itinerary. 

Communication between Creator and Backer

In general, during the financing process as well as during the accomplishment of the projects, the blog entries and the maps will be the main way to communicate for the creator of the project.

All these entries will have a comment option for the website users. Through the Q&A section the creator can also answer to any questions asked.