What are FAQ´s ?

FAQs are the most "Frequently Asked Questions" to the Bedatsy administration by users, in this case the project backers.

It’s a changing section, in which the answers to the questions submitted will be posted.

Financing in Bedatsy

Financing in Bedatsy: Financing in Bedatsy means bringing an economic amount, according to one of the Input Levels offered by the Project creator, which added to the rest of donations, expect to raise the required amount of finance.

Cofinancing in Bedatsy means supporting and participate in those projects that one feels identified to, so they can be accomplished.

Who can be a sponsor?

Any person or entity in any part of the world.

As we’ve said previously, the involvement of sponsoring companies, environment or sport related businesses as well as public institutions or organizations related to the projects, can be the key to a successful financing. 

How to finance in Bedatsy ?

The donations will be made by credit card and will be processed through the Banco Guizcoano Sabadell POS, Point of Sale, the payment gateway.  Bedatsy will have no access to any of the sponsor’s bank information.

The donations will be of at least 5€ and will be established by the Input Levels.

To make any donation, it will be necessary to register with a username, that all users will be able to see, and an email address. No one will have access to this email address.

To make the donation, once registered, it’s necessary to go to the chosen project and click on the estimated contribution.

Financing Process Result. All or Nothing

Once the 40-day period has expired, never before, the financing process will end.

If the economic amount required for financing has been reached or surpassed through the different donations, the amounts corresponding to each person or financing entities will be collected and transferred to the Project’s creator.

These will be tagged as “Successfully Funded Cases”.

If the economic amount required hasn’t been reached there will be no monetary transaction at all.


In all Documentary Projects and Sport Challenges that don’t promote a Pro Development Action, there will be Rewards assigned to each Input Level.

They will not be monetary and will be established by the Project creator, to thank symbolically the sponsors contributions, to whom, in the Successfully Funded Cases, these rewards will be sent.

If the Reward needs to be shipped, a mailing address will have to be submitted. This address will only be given to the Project creator in Successfully Funded Cases.

These Rewards will be optional for Pro Development Actions and the supporting Sport Challenges.

The creator can limit the number of rewards for each Input Level.

The Sponsors Commitments and Rights

During the 40-day financing process, all contributions will be committed. This means that during those 40 days, the person or financing entity will be able to cancel the contribution without charges.

Once the 40-day period is expired the transactions will be done, therefore the contributions cannot be reclaimed, as long as the amount of financing required for the project has been obtained or overdrawn.

In Successfully Funded Cases, if the sponsor has made a contribution related to a Reward he has the right to receive such reward in the estimated date. If requested, the Project creator must keep his sponsors informed of the reward’s status.

Also, if the creator finally declines to accomplish his Project, in Successfully Funded Cases, he will have to return all contributions to his sponsors.

Each Project´s Blog and Map


Through the project’s blog updates, the creator will make society and the sponsors more participative. During the financing process, the creator can inform and expose more details on the project and spark interest or fascination in many of us on fields we never knew about.

In the Successfully Funded cases, all the blog entries posted by the creators on their profiles will also appear on the Project Blogs section. In this section, during the realization of each project, the sponsor will be able to see how the project they are financing is justified by the creator as well as the project’s goals, its most relevant aspects, learn and become aware of his example.



While editing the project, the creator can locate his project, tagging it on a map. If the project involves an itinerary, they can tag each stage or checkpoints. A line will be drawn automatically between each point, illustrating the accomplished itinerary. This way there will be a more global perspective, easily traceable.

During the accomplishment of the project, the sponsor can also verify that the creator is following the planned itinerary, through each blog entry’s tagged location.

Bedatsy will understand if the locations are not exact but for guidance, either to preserve areas or natural resources, or because of necessary flexibility and adaptability in projects with an itinerary.


The Project.

The Project. During the financing process the creator cannot modify the economic amount required of financing, nor the rewards. Everything else can be modified through updates, always keeping coherence and reporting the sponsors.

Input Levels and or Rewards

During the financing process, the sponsors can cancel their contribution, and offer another one, changing the economic amount or relating it to another Reward.

User information. 

Any user, Project creator or Sponsor can modify their username, email address, password, as well as all private information they have filled in; such as addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Creator and Sponsor communication

In general, during the financing process as well as during the accomplishment of the projects, the blog entries and the maps will be the main way to communicate for the creator of the project.

All these entries will have a comment option for the website users.

Through the Q&A section the creator can also answer to any questions asked. 

Default Notifications to Sponsors

When the Financing Process is concluded, each sponsor will receive an email from Bedatsy’s staff concerning the result of the process.

In Successful cases, another email will be sent by Bedatsy’s staff to each sponsor when the financial transaction from their credit card has been done.

If the credit card payment is refused, an email will be sent with a link to the payment website to do the contribution again.

Sponsor privacy

To make any contribution you must register as a user in Bedatsy. To do so, each sponsor will choose a username and introduce an email address.

The chosen username will be public, as well as the correspondent contribution and, if so, the chosen reward.

The email address will not be public, the Project creator and the rest of the users will not have access to it.

If the sponsor has chosen a reward that requires shipment, he will have to submit a mailing address. This address will only be shown to the Project creator in Successful Cases.