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About the project

TXIMELAGUA is an association specialized in pediatric physical therapy that helps many disabled children in most disadvantaged regions of Northern Nicaragua.

Physical therapy assistance. Being aware of all these children´s needs, often disadvantaged and forgotten by the society, and facing the bad economic situation that persists in the country, TXIMELAGUA tries to give them physical therapy assistance and also to train their families to improve their health and quality of life. 

2009: 42 assisted children; Nowadays: more than 100 assisted. TXIMELAGUA Association started working halfway through 2009 with 42 disabled kids and since then, this number has been increased by younger kids thanks to our local collaborators and their labour of searching on site. 

As of today, we can say that we are able to keep and run a permanent service of physical therapy assistance in El Tuma- La Dalia  municipality, thanks to some Nicaraguan professionals and European voluntary workers. This way, Tximelagua as teamwork, can assist weekly and all year long about a 100 kids, helping and advising them.

We distinguish three types of assistance that children can receive: 

  • Physical therapy
  • Orthopedic Help: Seating systems and standing devices, leg-hand splints
  • Technical helps for displacement: wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc.

Our main goal is to improve their quality of life and autonomy and make educational and social integration easier to most disadvantaged disabled children in Northern Nicaragua. 

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Where?  TXIMEALGUA has a small physical therapy assistance center placed at EL TUMA - LA DALIA municipality, in the province of Matagalpa (funded in 1989). It is placed at 13º 08' North Latitude and 85º 44' West Latitude.

Heading north, it shares a border with Jinotega and El Cuá Bocay municipalities; Heading south with Matiguás and San Ramón, and Eastwards with Rancho Grande municipality. Its territorial extension is 462 km².  The terrain is pretty rough and mountainous with many elevations. You can estimate that the 40% of the total terrain is plane and 60% is uneven.

TXIMELAGUA also gives physical therapy assistance in other municipalities as:  Rio Blanco, San Ramón, Matagalpa ciudad, Jinotega and Dario.

Where are we ?

The Access Ramp

Building and  Adapting the access to the  assistance center. This little Pro Development Action  where  we ask  for  your economic support, is part  of a bigger  project, which  is  to build and accommodate  a good assistance centre,where disabled children and their families can receive physical and psychological therapy  or  educational assistance.  


A 350 meters Access Ramp. With this little project, TXIMELAGUA  wants to build  and to adapt the access to the therapy centre by removing all architectonic barriers that  now  complicate the  main  entrance, as stairs or steep ramps. To solve this, our first action is to build a 350 meters Access Ramp. 


What for ? The Access Ramp will play a fundamental role in the access to the centre. With the construction of this architectonic element we will improve the assistance to the therapy centre.

This first action that we are launching is very important because our patients displacement depends on it, as well as the proper accessibility to the centre where they receive our physical therapy. It will cost only 1250€.        

Current access to the centre

Protection Wall

More Security and Exploitation.

In this case TXIMELAGUA wants to increase the security of the centre´s perimeter, now open and vulnerable, by building a protection wall at the back of the terrain.

What for? 

In this way, when children with their families come to the therapy centre, they will utilize all the space and enjoy it. At the same time there could be more activities, and the security will be guaranteed during the day or night outside.

This second phase of our Pro Development Action, in which we ask for your economic support, will improve the security and comfort to all users of the centre, giving them privacy, security and comfort. Its cost is only 2.125€.

Lack of wall and protection

Why are we asking for your help?

This little but significant Pro Development Action will have a very positive impact to the society and our children with different physical disabilities. Your contribution will give hope and happiness to many people and a big smile to these children who can´t wait to be part of the world without being unperceived. THANK YOU!!

One of our kids

The Team

 From left to right:


  •  Graduate in Physical Therapy with a degree obtained from the Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat y Tomás Cerdá, Barcelona, Spain.
  •  Specialization in Pediatrics and Chairwoman of the NGO


  • Graduate in Physical Therapy with a degree obtained from the Ramón Llull University, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Specialization in Pediatrics and Secretary of the NGO


  • Graduate in Physical Therapy with a degree obtained from the Sciences of Health of Zaragoza University, Spain
  • Specialization in Pediatrics and treasurer of the NGO


  • Nicaraguan coordinator and field-site manager of projects.


  • Nicaraguan Physical Therapist with a degree obtained from UNAN (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Managua.
  • In charge of the direct attention on the area.
TXIMELAGUA team, from left to tight: Naiara, Amaia, Lucía, Cándida, Ana

Route and Free Accommodation for bike-travellers

If you are a bike-traveller and your route goes through Nicaragua, we encourage you to do a route as a symbolic challenge.  The one suggested by Tximelagua ( on yellow at the map ) or any other that you want. You´ll just have to  link it to our Pro Development Action.

Tximelagua will be happy to give you free accommodation in Matagalpa.

Also you can stay for more days with us and take part in the project by helping us or giving new ideas, you´ll be always welcome.

You could visit our center as the same time you make a route by bicycle across a rural way, where you could take a view of the coffee-plantations as well as the farms of the area, if you prefer you will have the possibility of making another route that we will suggest you there.

Family House- Accommodation

Project location


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TXIMELAGUA se fundó en 2009 por la iniciativa de tres chicas que, con capital propio y ayuda de cooperantes independientes, iniciaron su sueño: apoyar a niños discapacitados del norte de Nicaragua. *TXIMELAGUA started in 2...
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